Los Roques

General informations

Los Roques is a wonderful archipelago located just over 100 miles from the north coast of Venezuela, reachable by several 45-minutes flights from the National Airport in Caracas.

Los Roques is an atoll, conformation typical in the Polynesian islands, but rare in the Caribbean: the entire archipelago is protected by two long coral reefs located outside the eastern and southern ends, which shelter Los Roques from winds and currents. At the center, meanwhile, there is a lagoon of shallow water with sandy seabed, characteristic of the most beautiful atolls.

Los Roques is considered a national park since 1972 and the strict regulations in this regard have helped to keep intact the nature of the archipelago. It was imposed a major constraint to construction development: it is the only inhabited island of Gran Roque, building is not allowed on the other islands and in Gran Roque there are no multi-storeyed buildings and motor vehicles can not move.

Gran Roque is the reference point of the archipelago: here there is the landing field that connects Caracas and Los Roques with frequent daily flights, the touristic pier a short walk from the landing field; the day trips to other islands leave from it. Next to the pier begins the village of Gran Roque, where the posadas are, and, further west, the local houses. In the same village basic services are available for travelers: a bank, a first aid center, 3 diving centers, bars and restaurants, small shops and boutiques.